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Chia Yi Steel Co., Ltd. is a multinational company based in Taiwan since 1974 serving the community with its expertise in the field of "SAND GRAY/DUCTILE IRON, HIGH SILICON MOLYBDENE CASTINGS".

With plants located in Taiwan and China, we are continuously growing to satisfy the demands from customers in the different sectors of all industries from our core business castings to new applied sciences such as our newly founded Metallurgical Powder plant for Additive Manufacturing and other implementations. CYS started as a well recognized manufacturing plant in Taiwan in its early years occupying one of the top positions as a supplier for castings in the automobile parts sector. Today, we have reached out to different markets such as: Agricultural, Industrial, Hydraulic, Constructions and others ; keeping in mind to search for more challenges for the better of tomorrow.

CYS goal and objective is to bring customers ideas and reflect them into a concrete and physical object improving the lifestyle and environment of our world. "Close and long term relationship with customers, providing our best resources and final products with excellent quality, control planning, on time delivery and after sales customer service helping our customers to be the leaders of the world" is the mission that will forever be carried on. "To offer our customers high performance with value pricing and exponential growth between customer-supplier relationships"


MISSION Statement

  • Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction are our top priorities.
  • Career Development and Total Quality Management.
  • Dedication on work environment, and Harmonious Atmosphere.
  • Innovative Expansion, Perpetual Existence.


Date of establishment Total capital Lot Size Factory building size
March, 1974NTD 451,381,77013,896 m²9,249.44 m²


CYS OEM's a wide range of products from Jack's parts, hydraulic valve, rolling rotor, carrier support, construction machinery parts, agriculture machinery parts, marine transmission parts, crane & hoist parts, engine parts, transmission parts, brake system parts, spring bracket, railroad base, elevator sheave, pump, bolt machinery parts and assembly of products.


CYS doesn't have barrier in regards to the market of distribution, with our state-of-the-art Casting, Machining, QC & R&D facilities we have successfully enter from Automobile casting parts to Hydraulic, Industrial, Construction & Agricultural casting & machining products. Areas of service ranging from Asia to Europe and America!

No. 21 Chenggong 2nd St.,Minxiong Township,Chia Yi county 62155, Taiwan

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